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Science4you Toys

Created in Portugal in 2008 from an economic degree's project, Science4You aims to offer science to children in a fun and educational way. With science at the heart of every product made, the range of toys is incredibly impressive. Building upon a child’s natural instinct to discover how things work, items like the Water Science or Cooking Science sets include a comprehensive booklet that details the various experiments that can be performed.

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No aspect of learning is left out of the Science4You sets with every subject covered in great detail. These truly educational kits have been independently recognised by the University of Oxford who willingly endorse many of the products. Check them all out for subjects such as biology, solar energy, ecology, magnetism, geology and even a set that explores the construction of the pyramids.

Little girls especially like the perfume or soap making sets, whilst boys can get their hands dirty with the slime factory! Subjects like the solar system are also covered by the Science4You ranges as well as sets that explore how everyday items like binoculars or telescopes work. One of our favourites has to the 3D skeleton kit that explains to kids how our bodies stay upright and are able to bend and twist.

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