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Viking Toys

Distributed in the UK by Peterkin, Viking Toys are seriously uncomplicated plastic toys that are strong and even dishwasher safe. Ideal for toddlers from one year old and upwards, this huge range of toys covers almost any vehicle a child could imagine, and with their smooth edges and touch, they appeal to safety-conscious parents too.

Viking Chubbies are for the very youngest children and introduces them to small cars, planes, diggers and basic construction vehicles. As the children get older, Viking Toys get bigger, yet the simple concept of creating appealing toys by using different coloured plastics, with virtually no stickers or paint is a simple approach that works for every vehicle in their ranges. Using bold red, green, yellow, blue and white colours, Viking Toys also have simple working parts like a fire engine ladder or the front scoop on a tractor.

Boats for the bath and water based play sets are always popular, and with the introduction of people characters in the larger Viking Toys like a jumbo jet or helicopter, the play value gets extended for older children. Other subjects include a car transporter with three cars and a tipper truck with driver and mate.

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