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ZingZilla Toys

The CBeebies show, ZingZillas, gets the under sixes laughing, dancing and making music in the style of ZingZillas. The four ZingZillas - Zak, Drum, Tang and Panzee - are accompanied in each episode by their mentor and friend DJ Loose who helps them to organise their daily performance that finishes each show. Other characters that appear regularly are Todd and The Beach Byrds and the Moaning Stones.

With a primate feel and sound, the show - and toys - are designed to be inspirational rather than overly serious or practical. Each episode culminates in a big Zing Off where the characters play what they have learned! The music styles cover all areas of taste - from jive to opera to didgeridoo.

ZingZilla Play and Groove Toys

The various ZingZillas toys cover all interests including jigsaws, musical plush toys and role-play instruments. We recommend you look out for the Dancing Zak and Panzee motorised plush toys and the 12' talking plushes that feature voices and many other different sounds. As well as the Big Zing Playset and the Big Zing Guitar, the Zak on Tour game is particularly popular among fans of the show.

The ZingZillas Logo

ZingZillas toys are joined by DVDs, magazines, books and lots of other merchandise. For example, Aykroyds and TDP Licensing are producing nightwear whilst Smith and Brooks make children’s outerwear based on designs from the show. There are also a selection of ZingZillas toiletries including a toothbrush, bubble bath and face cloths. Meanwhile, posters are produced by Pyramid.

ZingZillas is one of the biggest and hottest children's toy brands - and the innovative show appeals to children all over the world with its tremendous mix of musical styles.

The Big Zing Playset

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