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Introducing Toy Shop UK Competitions

Every Friday, we invite the thousands of consumers that visit this website on a daily basis to win some of the hottest toys on the planet. Since launching this feature in 2012, we've received over 1 million entries from members of the public who are invited to read about the various products and enter a raffle to win one.

These competitions are a great way for suppliers to promote their newest products to our regular visitors, and are often used as a low-cost/high-return option as part of their marketing mix. The giveaways typically attract 2500+ entrants, often a lot more.

Some suppliers run competitions with us once/month; others simply book individual weekly slots on an ad-hoc basis. The costs for running each competition varies throughout the year to reflect our changing visitor numbers...

Jan-April: 50
May-Aug: 100
Sept-Dec: 150

In addition, we ask for suppliers to provide 100 (RRP) of prizes.

Like to give it a whirl? Simply email us and we'll send you a list of available dates.