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Recycled Toys for Children

More parents than ever before are taking the environmental and ethical impacts of their consumer decisions into account before making purchases. Fair Trade and organic toys have seen a marked increase in popularity recently, as have toys that are made from recycled (and recyclable) materials.

From recycled cardboard playhouses to role play toys that are made from (and come packaged in) recycled plastic, technological advances mean that practically anything can now be made from recycled materials. The American toy company, Green Toys, seems to have really captured the public's mood for ethically sound children's toys. Their charming recycling toy truck that you can see in the image above really does walk the walk as it began life as a humble milk carton!

Many of the best eco toys are not only made from recycled materials but also teach children about the benefits and the mechanics of recycling at the same time. A good example of this is a UK brand, Wiggos, whose products help kids understand the process of composting and paper recycling.

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