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Anomia: (uh-No-mee-uh)

1) A problem with word finding or recall.
2) Chaos.
3) The game where uncommon knowledge is uncommonly fun!

Winner of ‘Best Party Game’ at UK Games Expo 2014, Anomia is a card game that will have you ‘umming’, ‘aahhhing’ and tripping over your words. It’s a beautifully simple game – each card features a symbol and a category. Players take it in turns to take the topmost card from one of the deal decks and turn it over quickly, placing it in front of them.

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Everybody needs to pay attention because the turn of a card will reveal a new symbol and category. If the symbol on your cards matches another players card it’s a race to shout out an object from the category on your opponents card before they can shout out an object from the category on yours! Can you think of an ice cream flavour before your opponent can think of a football team? More importantly can you shout it out before them!?

There are two decks to play with - use either the blue or the red deck or mix them up – you have a total of 100 cards in each deck and 8 wild cards to keep everybody on their toes. It can be anyone’s turn to ‘think of a thing’ at the turn of a card so you need to keep your wits about you.

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* * * * * Great family game

Comment by Richard, 24th September 2014

Our family LOVE this game. Such a big game in a small box - it is simple to learn and you can get very good at it very quickly - my niece and wife "fight" over the honours! All you have to do is match symbols on the cards and race to be the first person to call out the answer to the category on your opponents card - it only gets better when more cards are in play and the 'waterfall' effect (as you pick up a card it allows another match!) happens.

We play this game all the time, all ages and I still think I can be the champion even when my brain freezes!!