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Og on the Bog

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Appealing to a child's basic sense of humour, Drumond Park’s shamelessly outrageous Og on the Bog game may not appeal to all mums and dads!

Kids playing with Og On The Bog

The players are a group of adventurous children setting out with one aim in mind; to steal Og’s loo rolls and leave him in a right pickle. As they lurk around the bog, they take a turn on the spinner to see whether they can sneak a loo roll off its pole.

Og On The Bog

But if they falter with unsteady hands, they’ll likely disturb Og who’ll fart loudly – and yes, we mean loudly - and scare them away! It’s uproarious fun! As play proceeds, the anticipation and excitement build - and the hilarity ramps up to new levels as Og’s showstopper comes ever closer … because if Og does a truly humungous, explosive fart, he blows his Bog apart!

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