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Crazy Claw

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Crazy Claw is the stunning new table-top game from Drumond Park that brings the thrills of arcade gaming to kids aged 5 and over.

Kids playing Crazy Claw

This colourful action game is essentially a scaled-down version of the legendary '"Claw Machine" that you'll find in seaside arcades across the land. The rules are simple. The youngest player gets to be the Clawmaster first, and has to grab one of the colourful balls whilst the other players pound on the paddles, making them bounce around in all directions.

If the Clawmaster manages to catch a ball, they then open it, hoping to find a token inside which corresponds to an image on their Collection Card.

Crazy Claw Action Game

If they are lucky enough to discover a token which matches, they get to keep the token and return the empty ball to the box. If the ball does contain a token but it doesn't match with any of the images on their Collection Card, both get returned to the box. Likewise, if they find an empty ball, that goes straight back in the box!

The game then continues onto the next Clawmaster who must now try and remember which balls are empty and which may have a matching token for them. The winner is the first person to collect all three tokens which match the three pictures on their Collection Card.

Reminiscent of legendary games like Hungry Hippos, this may not be the quietest game but is sure guaranteed to be one of the most zany, action packed and addictive!

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