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Dodekka is a game to play with the kids but itís also got those twists of strategy to make it a fun game after the kids have gone to bed.

Your aim is to collect as many high scoring cards of the same element as possible, Fire, Water Earth Air or Ether.. the problem is that whilst collecting the cards you want you could well end up with some cards you donít, and those will count against you.

Dodekka Board Game Packaging

Itís a really simple game to learn as well. There are 12 cards in each element with values between 0 and 4. When itís your turn either take the card nearest the dealing deck and add it to your hand, or turn a card from the deck and put it on the end of the row (called the dodekka) Add the number on the card youíve turned to the rest of the cards in the dodekka. As the total of the cards in the dodekka approaches 12 you have to be careful – do you want to Ďbustí the dodekka and pick up all the cards or are you going to play it safe and take the card nearest the deck.

The game can turn in a moment – one minute youíve got a winning hand then suddenly you make the wrong call and your main element is weakened (Imaging having a hand full of high scoring fire cards then picking up a dodekka full of water cards!)

As well as being a fun game, Dodekka has educational benefits – you are constantly keeping track of the total of the dodekka, youíre calculating the probability of the card you want being the card you turn and youíre making decisions about strategy and your opponents strategy – and like all good games thereís a pinch of luck involved as well.

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