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Forbidden Island

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Forbidden Island is a game with a difference... either you all win, or the game wins and you end up being swallowed up by the dark swirling waters!

Forbidden Island

Join your fellow adventurers on a do-or-die mission to capture four sacred treasures from the Forbidden Island. You'll need to work together to move around the island as it tries to thwart your efforts.

From renowned designer Matt Leacock – an established name in the ‘Games for gamers’ market, Forbidden Island has successfully made the crossover into mainstream family games due to its high quality and engaging game play - you really are on the edge of your seat whilst the final few moves are being played out.

Each adventurer has a special skill or attribute that can help their fellow players. The aim is to collect all four of the ancient treasures and get back to the helicopter launch pad in order to escape the island, but all the time the waters are rising and parts of the island are disappearing into the watery abyss. If you don't make it back, the game wins - if you do then congratulations, you've survived the Forbidden Island...

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