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My Friend Freddy Bear

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Following on the theme set by top selling interactive doll My Friend Cayla, the soft toy version known as My Friend Freddy Bear hit retailerís shelves in 2015. Parents input their childís name, age and other details into the accompanying app so that Freddy can use those details to personalise his responses to their questions.

My Friend Freddy Bear

Apart from being a virtual soft toy search engine, My Friend Freddy also incorporates a series of activities that increase in difficult as the child gets older! Ideal for kids of either gender aged 3 and over, Teddy has numerous touch sensors on his soft body that perform different actions and sounds. Tip Freddy onto his head and heíll giggle like crazy!

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The built in Bluetooth functionality expands the available functions by connecting My Friend Freddy Bear to any smart device. This functionality expands his activities to include counting games and story telling. This amazing electronic toy is distributed by the Vivid toy company in the UK.

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