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Little Charley Bear Fun Sounds Toys

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Bellarina The Doll and Rivet The Robot are just two of the friendly characters in the popular TV series Little Charley Bear, narrated by James Corden. Bellarina, Rivet and Charley himself have been made into some wonderful ‘fun sounds toys’ by Vivid Imaginations, the toy company charged with the important task of creating a whole series of games, plush and interactive Little Charley Bear toys.

Little Charley Bear Fun Sounds Toy

Shown on CBeebies, James can often be heard calling out “are you there Charley Bear”, a phrase that kids will be repeating over and over again as their favourite character goes on all of his wonderful adventures. Charley, Rivet and Bellarina Fun Sounds toys all have a sensor inside their tummies which when pressed will make a sound or noise that’s featured in the show.

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