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Harvey Harvester

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With WOW Toys customary attention to detail and fantastic play value, Harvey Harvester is the perfect toy for all farm fans. Designed for kids from 18 months to 5 years old, Harvey really likes being known as ‘Harv’! The toy also includes his farmer friend Phil, plus three removable hay bales.

Harvey Harvester

This motorised combine harvester with automatic baler can tour around any farm fields all day long, churning out hay bales everywhere he goes. The big yellow grain pipe also rotates as Harvey drives so that kids can see all the corn he’s managed to harvest during the day.

Harvey Harvester is just one of WOW Toys great range of farm vehicles. He likes nothing more than chilling out with his friends Farm Buddy Benny and Bumpety Bump Bernie when he’s not working the fields.

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