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Casdon's Henry Toys

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For many years, Casdon have produced a series of role-play toy versions of the iconic Henry brand of cleaning equipment. We review three of our favourite ones here.

The Little Henry Vacuum Cleaner is an accurate toy model of the real thing, and even works by battery power! It includes a removable dust box, and even has a comprehensive selection of accessories stored under Henry’s hat. What kids aged 3 to 8 years old wouldn’t be enchanted with Henry’s famous smiley eyes and mouth!

A Bumper Henry Prize from Casdon consisting of a Henry Vacuum, a Henry Cleaning Trolley and a Henry Sit n Ride

The Henry Cleaning Trolley is the perfect complement to the Henry cleaner, and features a whole range of toy cleaning materials like a mop, dust pan and brush, floor cleaning cloth, floor brush, pretend detergent bottle and a container for paper ‘rubbish’. Kids can wheel it around the house to whichever room needs cleaning next!

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When the cleaning gets too much, the Henry Sit 'n' Ride is the perfect vehicle to get away from all the action. Designed for the youngest toddlers and featuring Henry’s smiling face, the front wheels are steerable from the large handle, and the lift up seat is a great place for keeping special toys or mementos.

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Comment by Miles Zilesnick, 7th January 2011

It's great for cleaning with the kids, keeps them occupied and willing to help. Hopefully they'll be doing it all soon!