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Bamboom Interactive Humanoid

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Sophisticated electronics play a major part in making Bamboom the most interactive Humanoid product ever made! Supplied by Flair in the UK, this is a real rough and tough robotic toy. Featuring over 100 actions for kids to discover, Bamboom also has six pre-set modes like Tumble, Boogie and Tarzan.

Each mode encourages responses from the player. Switch on the Rumble action and he’ll start throwing wild punches to defeat the enemy. If you can return the hit he’ll roll backwards and thump his arms on the ground in a fit of temper!

Watch Bamboom perform forward and backward somersaults as well as perform a series of cool dancing moves when you throw the Boogie switch. When bedtime comes switch him into Zen mode when he’ll quietly go to sleep, all the while staying alert for trespassers!

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