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i-Que Intelligent Robot

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Taking toy automatons to a new level of sophistication and intelligence, i-Que intelligent robot is a veritable mine of information. His central red glowing eye looks quite menacing and he can fire lasers and blasters! However hes really very friendly and can tell jokes as well as producing amazing sound effects. Kids are very amused by his jittery thinking cap!

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Pre-programmed with literally thousands of interesting facts, figures and information, you can ask i-Que the answers to lots of questions. He loves to test his owners with quizzes on subjects ranging from space to sport, or from physics to maths.

Although he looks quite ungainly with his fat orange legs and forearms, i-Que can actually walk with the aid of his embedded motors. He can even be played with like a standard action figure thanks to several points of articulation. Like his sister doll My Friend Cayla, by using speech recognition technology he can learn more about his child owner as well as answering back when asked complicated questions.

i-Que Intelligent Robot

The supplied remote control unit has an alpha keyboard for programming and can even send texts to the robot that will initiate an immediate response. Designed for children aged 8 to 12 years old, this fantastic looking robot is distributed by Vivid in the UK.

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