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Ben and Holly's Little Castle Magical Playset

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(10 reviews)

As one of the showcase products in the range of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom toys, the Little Castle Magical Playset is made by Golden Bear; and was voted as one of the 'Best New Toys for 2010' at the January Toy Fair in London.

Aimed at children aged 3+ (and using similar technology to Flutter Wings Holly), waving your magic wand at different parts of this magical playset will do lots of exciting things such as:

Fill the bath
light the fire
open the treasure chest
open the fridge
hang out the washing.

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A big hit with young girls in particular, Ben and Holly's Little Castle Magical Playset can be closed for easy storage and includes a castle with courtyard. You will also get the magic wand that enables you to cast 5 magic spells - and small figures of not just Ben and Holly, but also King Thistle, Queen Thistle, Nanny Plum and Gaston.

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2.4 />

* - - - - Dangerous - Poor Quality

Comment by Colin, 8th October 2010

I brought the castle for my granddaughter's 4th birthday and within five minutes one of the stairs broke and she manged to pull the fairy wings off all the very tiny play characters. I returned the castle to Toys R Us who immediately refunded my money and were concerned about its safety. My advice is don't buy it. It is expensive and poor quality.

* * - - - Not good value for money

Comment by Angie, 18th September 2010

I bought this for my 3 year old. I was quite disappointed to find that the 'magically filling bath' is a simple case of touching the fairy wand to a magnet which makes some plastic foam pop up. All the 'magic' is based on simple magnets which don't always work or work intermittently. Fine if it was maybe accompanied by some sound effects but it's not, or any magical fairy lights. I think for 29.99 you'd expect better. The stairs fall off at the slightest touch and it feels quite fragile. There are lots of small parts too.

I felt the advert was a bit misleading. It's not been played with very much. I don't recommend the Little Castle Magical Playset toy at all!

* - - - - Don't think I will bother

Comment by Sandra, 18th August 2010

My daughter keeps seeing this advertised on TV and wants one but after reading these reviews on here and other sites I don't think I will bother. I haven't seen one good review at all. You would think the manufacturers could get it right considering it's for children. This item could become a hazard!

* - - - - Horrible

Comment by Amanda, 17th August 2010

We rushed out to buy this Little Castle Magical Playset for our 3 year old who loves Ben & Holly. This toy is so bad it should be a Daily Mail headline. It doesn't deserve one star. The figures are tiny and the stairs broke when I tried to fit them. The fridge has broken and the wings have come off all the figures. Plus, as stated before, the stickers are coming off. So many will buy this for a Christmas present and there will be so many disappointed kiddies on Christmas morning - the thought makes me feel ill! But of course my little boy doesn't want me to take it back to the shop because he loves Ben & Holly. Simply a disgrace!

* - - - - Disappointing!

Comment by Gilly, 3rd August 2010

As previous comments have said, the Little Castle Magical Playset is very poor quality. It takes ages to put all the stickers on, then half of them come off again. None of the "magical" items actually do anything, and all of the staircases have snapped within a couple of hours of play! Unfortunately, the other toys in the range are just as bad - Gaston's Cave is flimsy and didn't really work, and the vibrating Gaston has stopped barking already (only had it for half a day!) I'm absolutely gutted. I bought the whole range of Ben and Holly stuff for my twin girls' birthday and it's all rubbish!

* * - - - Very Poor!

Comment by Angela, 22nd July 2010

I completely agree with the previous poster. The Little Castle Magical Playset has a bad design. It took me ages to do the stickers, the stairs are falling off all the time and it's far too small for the price. My mum bought it for my little girls 3rd birthday and she loves it, so any Ben and Holly fan will have to have it, but from a parents point of view it's really not good!

* - - - - Poor!

Comment by Claire Kelley, 17th July 2010

We have just purchased this for my daughter's 3rd birthday and whilst it sounds lovely, it's very badly designed. Firstly, you have to try and stick all the stickers on (e.g . trees, plants, washing line, interior decorations etc) and I say "try" because they don't actually stick on and we've kept them aside to spray mount on later as they just fall off within five minutes! The stairs keep falling off and look like they will soon break and the flag doesn't stay on. The figures are exceptionally and they don't sit on the chairs! All in all a great idea but disappointing - Designers get your thinking caps back on because this needs a re-think!

* * * * * Fantastic

Comment by Cheryl, 25th May 2010

My little girl would love this toy we have been reading the books and watching the program for a while now but still can't find and toys in the shops. Please hurry!

* * * * * Fabulous little playset

Comment by Michelle, 10th May 2010

My two little ones would be absolutely thrilled with this. Plenty to keep them entertained.

* * * * * Loads to do

Comment by Gillian, 23rd February 2010

This castle looks great! Very colourful and plenty for the kids to play with inside. My daughter can't wait to get one. She has been watching Ben & Holly for a long time and has waited so long for the toys.