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Loom Twister Kit

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Whilst Martians may have missed the kids 2014 summer craze, there’s no doubt that everyone on planet Earth got to hear about the Loom Twister sensation. Incredibly easy to use, this great set includes two large looms, 2000 special rubber bands, 12 charms, 25 S-Clips and a hook. Boys and girls love creating their own unique designs which include bangles, friendship bands, necklaces, bracelets and any other object you can imagine!

Loom Twister Kit

This is just one of several different sized HGL Twister Loom sets. They’'re available from independent toy retailers, card shops, online sellers and even in some of the multiple chain stores. A massive choice of extra band packs in solid colours and variations like luminous or fluorescent means that kids can make their personal creation the only one of its type in the world!

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Comment by Alex, 4th November 2014

My first kit! Easy to carry around, so many bands and comes with board and hooks. Also s clips. Deffo recommend for a present - great value for money! :)