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Makies Gift Box

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Makies are dolls created by you! Design your doll's face shape, features and colour, choose the eyes, hair and clothes, and when you press MAKE REAL, MakieLab turns your design into a real-life doll! From your iPad screen to your home in less than three weeks. Just like magic!

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Makies are the world's first 3D printed toys, produced in London and safe for children aged 3 and up. They inspire kids to play and create, using their imagination to build characters of their own. With the help of a clued up parent, the dolls can even be fitted with LEDs, RFIDs, battery packs, voicechips, Bluetooth and Arduino, and programmed to do really cool stuff!

Makie Jez

Each Makie is completely unique, made on demand, and comes complete with a numbered Certificate of Creation. Personal, sustainable, and completely modern, Makie dolls are truly special toys to treasure for a lifetime.

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Comment by Margaret, 17th December 2015

Magical and perfect for my neice to learn and express herself herself with these beautiful dolls for a lifetime of enjoyment

* * * * * 5 Star Rating!

Comment by Amy, 18th September 2013

The whole experience, from creating my Makie, to delivery, has been nothing but enjoyable. The staff keep you up to date on your Makies' progress. The app is easy and enjoyable to use, and FREE! I have spent countless hours just creating and having fun.