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RC Nano Quad

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Launched under the Revell Control brand, the RC Nano Quad is possible one of the world’s smallest flying mini helicopters. Measuring only 4.5 cm long, this unique micro quadcopter is deceptively fast. Impressive four channel control is needed to govern the four individual motors that give this craft its amazing manoeuvrability features.

The award-winning quadrocopter from Revell

Built in LED lights add to the incredible effects on this extraordinary flying machine. Primarily designed for indoor use, Nano Quad can also be flown outdoors on very calm days. Its supreme lightness and strength combine to make this a highly desirable toy for boys of all ages!

The quadrocopter's packaging

A USB lead is supplied in the box for charging the Nano Quad from any computer - this takes about 45 minutes first time. The clever little hand controller has the two usual control knobs plus a couple of neat trim switches. Revell also thoughtfully include four spare propellors in case of accidents. This amazing toy is a feat of miniature engineering and will bring hours of pleasures to little boys - and their dads!

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