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Pickiní Chickens

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Well known as the makers of a great selection of childrenís action games, Drumond Park introduced Pickiní Chickens (RRP £19.99) to their portfolio in September 2016.

Designed for youngsters age 4 and over, there are two levels of play to suit slightly older children as well. The aim of the game is to ĎSave your chicks from the jumping foxí, and what fun kids have as the pesky predator randomly bursts out from his tree trunk lair!

Kids playing with Pickiní Chickens

Holders of the elusive Farmer Card are protected from losing a chicken when foxy pops up, but others arenít so lucky. You have to collect four chickens on your card to win the game, but itís not so easy as it sounds. In the Young Chicks version, players can collect any colour chicken, whereas in the Older Chicks game they have to collect specific colours.

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Pickiní Chickens challenges youngstersí memory skills as well as helping them learn colours, make decisions and most importantly, teaches them to wait for their turn! The simple-to-learn format means that children come back time after time for another game.

Pickiní Chickens board game

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