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Robo Turtle

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As miniature animatronics and robotics get better and better, so do the toys that employ some of their functions. Following the massive success of Robo Fish, the miniature fish that replicate the actions of the real thing, Tobar launched the loveable Robo Turtles.

Robo Turtle packaging

Made in a range of glorious tropical colours, each turtle has a distinctive face and realistic swimming action. The sets are sold complete with a swimming bowl and a make-believe rock formation for extra authenticity.

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* - - - - What a waste of time

Comment by Bev, 30th November 2015

Bought this toy as a birthday present for my daughter. Barely swims in water and does not move on land as claimed despite us buying and trying a variety of makes of battery!

My daughter is very disappointed in this product as nothing like depictions in adverts.