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Carddies School Set

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The Carddies School set is one of the favourite boxes in the whole of their arts & crafts colouring ranges. Consisting of twelve outline people printed on strong and durable card, children can use the supplied colouring pencils to colour in all the characters in any way they want! Put them on the plastic bases to create different poses.

Carddies School Set

A classroom themed image can also be coloured in to provide a backdrop to the scene. Several sets can be combined to create a fun role play activity time for two or more children. Kids can choose from several different themes including sports, London, football, family or farm.

These Carddies sets are all made and printed in the UK, and can be bought from a network of great traditional toy shops or several different online retailers. The characters all started life as hand drawn sketches and the interesting drawings have been brought to life in high quality printing.

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