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TMNT Super Sewer HQ

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Although they first hit TV screens in 1987, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are as popular in the 21st Century as they were when originally shown. Hero product in Flair’s comprehensive range of Turtles toys has to be the awesome Super Sewer HQ. This mega playset measures 19” tall and 19” wide providing a huge amount of play value for any number of Turtles figures – and their young fans!

A T-Rawket vehicle as well as Mikey and Splinter characters are included in the set which also has 50 different authentic Turtles phrases as well as terrific sound effects. Other play features include a swinging drainpipe, a water tower slide, a sewer slide and a hidden sewer trap door cover!

Updated to include two extra figures, this awesome Super Sewer HQ set also includes 50 authentic phrases as well as some awesome sound effects. Boys can have more fun than ever playing with all their favourite Ninja Turtles characters.

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