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Super Farmer

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The clever folk at Coiledspring Games have a knack of picking winners, and Super Farmer game is no exception. Whilst the throw of the dice is an important and lucky part of the gameplay, shrewd trading to purchase more animals is the secret of winning! Itís a wonderful game of figures, strategy and calculating threats and is suitable for 2 to 6 players from ages 6 and upwards.

Every player starts with a rabbit and through rolling the dice they hope to pick a second one making a couple. These pairs then enable you to buy pigs which in turn allow you to buy cows and so on. Watch out for the hungry fox or wolf though, as you may have to sell some animals to get protection from a courageous sheep dog. A wrong roll of the dice can mean you may have to start from scratch and start building your animal collection all over again!

Super Farmer Packaging

Super Farmer is just one a series of fantastic family games from Coiledspring. They sell a varied selection of jigsaws and games for most ages. Categories also include board and card games as well as educational and strategy games.

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