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Talking Little Charley Bear

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From as early as mid-2010, here at Toy Shop UK we knew that Little Charley Bear was going to be a hit with youngsters. As the various toy licences were snapped up, we've kept track of happenings in the world of Little Charley. We've been particularly enthusiastic about the various plush toys produced by Vivid Imaginations - and the Talking Little Charley Bear is one of the showcase products in this range.

With a celebrity narrator in the form of comic actor, James Corden, Little Charley Bear has caught the attention of the UK press - and it's no great surprise that Vivid have upheld the current status quo of launching talking versions of the show's main character. This Little Charley soft toy is complemented by a great selection of other products - but we think that kids will love nothing more than being able to make their little Charley toy repeat some of his most famous catchphrases from the show.

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* * * * * Fantastic Charley Bear

Comment by Ria Mansbridge, 9th March 2011

Little Charley Bear is fantastic - my 4 month old loves him. As soon as he hears the theme song he gets all excited. Even when my little one is upset, I put Charley bear on and he cheers up. I can't wait until they bring out the DVD, books and toys. James Corden is great as the narrator - such a sweet voice. Kids will love this program for years to come. Well done the writers of Little Charley Bear, top marks!

* * * * * Love This Bear!

Comment by Aggy, 22nd January 2011

Me and my daughter really enjoy Little Charley Bear - I think he is the most adorable thing ever! I was hoping that they would do a nursery range as I would love my baby's bedroom to be in it - We will just have to wait and see :) I also love the narrator's voice and the little laugh he does makes me laugh!