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U Hugs

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Top UK toy supplier Flair is behind an eclectic brand of girl’s collectable dolls known as U Hugs. Each of the six soft plastic bodied dolls has different faces and personalities and come complete with a selection of accessories.

The brand beings together creative play and doll characters as a way for girls to express their style, mood and personality. Each doll is made from soft plastic and has small holes positioned around each body. These are ready to pin a piece of clothing, brooch, button or other decoration to change their appearance.

The oldest member of the team is Sassy Fashion who’s an absolute mobile phone addict. Sweety Rock however has a very determined personality and tries to keep all the other girls in order!

Cleverly, each accessory can fit any of the other U Hug dolls, so by collecting all six versions little girls can create an endless number of variations. Other dolls include Scary Baby, Scratchy DJ, Starry Fairy and the aptly named Screamy Queen!

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