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Ultimate Fighting Trashies

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The Trash Pack phenomenon shows no sign of abating with the launch of the Ultimate Fighting Trashies. The weirdly named Trashies characters such as Wasted Banana, Soggy Tomato and Slimey Salami take on a new twist in the fighting version.

Ultimate Fighting Trashies are placed on a special base. Kids place the lid over the Trashie, wind up the mechanism and get ready to do battle! Once removed, the circular disk with the Trashie firmly fixed to it flies around all over the table, floor or other flat area.

Playtime with the Ultimate Fighting Trashies

This fun-filled toy takes The Trash Pack to a new play dimension. Itís easy to visualise Scummy Skull, Dead Tyre and Chicky Pox fighting their way around homes all over the UK!

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Comment by Looney, 24th November 2012

Awesome! I can't wait until these line of toys come out - kids have gone crazy about them! And true, it is fun to visualize someone like Trash Blaster and Trashteroid battling it out.