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Wordsearch Junior

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Following hot on the heels of Drumond Park’s popular Classic Wordsearch game comes Wordsearch Junior. Designed specifically for children aged 4 and over, the basis remains the same as the adult version using a similar turntable type design. By showing children letters, images and words at a young age, the game helps to build their skills of reasoning and recognition.

Kids playing with Wordsearch Junior

Wordsearch Junior contains nine puzzle disks. Each one is double-sided and has three different levels of game play. Starting at the blue level, children start to develop early reasoning skills by building logical pattern making. The middle red level of play incorporates picture hint cards where kids have to find the words that match the images.

Wordsearch Junior Packaging

The final green level contains word only cards that kids use to learn to improve their reading skills. Vowel combinations and consonant clusters are all contained in such a clever way that children improve their reading abilities without realising it! The game is easy to set up and can provide hours of challenging play and fun for all levels of ability.

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