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Revell X-Spy Quadcopter Drone

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Winner of the best new toy in the Tech Toys category at the London Toy Fair, the Revell X-Spy Quadcopter Drone is a great piece of kit. Stuffed full of the newest technology, the camera can even stream a live video feed direct to your smartphone. This is mounted on a convenient bracket on the top of the radio controlled handset. Apps for iOS and Android devices are available for free download.

Revell X-Spy Quadcopter Drone

Measuring 15cm long and wide, it also features high powered motors as well as gyro stabilisation and four different flight modes that suit beginners to drone flying, or experts. The Revell X-Spy is supplied complete with a rechargeable battery and spare rotors in case of a hard landing. There’s also a comprehensive manual included in the box.

The full Revell X-Spy Quadcopter Drone kit

Users of toy drones should be careful of flying near power lines, invading privacy or in restricted areas such as near airports.

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