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Zingy Toys and Other Merchandise

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The sensational advertising and internet YouTube phenomenon Zingy is the star of EDF Energy’s 2012 TV and cinema advertising campaign - and this dedicated Zingy website provides up to the minute news on merchandise for this adorable viral mascot.

The crazy little character closely resembles My Keepon from the clever inventors at Wow Stuff, and a statement issued by the company teased reporters that their ‘lips were sealed’ on any potential merchandise.

Since his appearance, demand for Zingy toys has been nothing short of incredible, with people making and selling their own versions from hand-knitted wool or even Fimo modelling clay. These can be worn as necklaces, used as keyrings or some versions are designed for use as fridge magnets.

Zingy T-Shirts are popping up all over the place as well as car stickers, and we’re sure it won’t be long before EDF announce Zingy toys when they realise how easily merchandisable this little fellow is.

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* * * * * Cute!

Comment by Islay , 2nd January 2013

Zingy is the cutest little character ever! I've got a handmade knitted Zingy at my house and whenever I walk by he cheers me up.

They should make an electronic version of him, like the bot thing that dances in a platform. They should make it so he isn't on a platform so he could just sit on the table or something - design it like he is in the advert. I would definitely buy that!

* * * * * Mad EDF

Comment by Alison, 29th June 2012

Already purchased Zingy merchandise from EBay including stickers, fridge magnets, babygrow and jewellery. EDF are mad not to 'officialise' the product. Just waiting for the next advertisement to see his latest adventure!