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CE Mark on Toys

Since 1993, the CE Mark (with the "CE" originally standing for "Conformite Europeenne") is a conformity mark (as opposed to a sign of quality of safety) that is used by toy manufacturers to show that their products meet all the relevant consumer safety, health or environmental requirements of the European Directive. Toys is one of the more than twenty product groups to which the CE mark must be displayed by the manufacturer.

The CE Mark was established to ensure a free movement of products throughout the European Economic Area (EEA) and must appear on the toy (or its packaging) alongside the original supplier's name and address. The British Toy and Hobby Association refer to the CE logo as a 'passport for toys' - although you may more commonly hear it referred to as the "Trade Passport to Europe" thanks to the fact that the CE symbol is used on an estimated 70% of products sold within the European Union.