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The Stupid Things Toy Retailers Hear


(12 reviews)

Obviously the customer is always right, but that doesn't mean they're not stupid. Here we list some of the most idiotic things that the nation's independent toy retailers have ever been asked.

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* * * * * Toy Ahoy

Comment by Christopher Jelley, 6th December 2011

I had a customer ask for Draughts. "Yes" I said, "we have a great one which does Backgammon and Chess too". "No" she said, "giraffes!"

* * * * * Tots n Toys

Comment by Tots n Toys, 6th December 2011

Are those wooden building blocks made of plastic? (Err... No they're made of wood...)

* * * * - Ditchfield's

Comment by Ian, 6th December 2011

Is that small Henry vacuum cleaner suitable to hoover my car?

* * * * * Lodden Valley Garden Toys

Comment by Gill Fountain, 6th December 2011

I want to put this climbing frame up on Christmas Eve in the dark. Have you any tips, or can you come and do it?

* * * * * Monkey Puzzle Toys

Comment by Amanda Alexander, 5th December 2011

Do you have one of those big collars you put on cats after they've had an operation? (Erm... no we're a toy shop. Obviously having "Monkey" in our shop name makes people think we have stuff for animals too!)

* * * * * Two Thumbs Up

Comment by Kathryn Simmonds, 5th December 2011

Do you have any skateboards for a 1 year old?

* * * * * The Cowshed

Comment by The Cowshed, 5th December 2011

Is your "Puppy Play Pen" suitable for children?

* * * * * Pelham Puppets Shop

Comment by David Leech, 5th December 2011

1.) Have you got my donkey?
2.) Do you sell alarm clocks? (The shop is full of puppets!)

* * * * * The Hub Direct

Comment by Helen Gourley, 5th December 2011

Excuse me. Do you see that red LEGO brick box over there? Is it red?

* * * * * Toyjeanius

Comment by Toyjeanius, 5th December 2011

If I order today can you deliver before Christmas? (Enquiry received on Christmas Eve.)

* * * * * Heroes For Kids

Comment by Vanessa, 5th December 2011

Why is my High School Musical birthday card not musical? (They had actually expected a card that played music! No helping some!)

* * * * * Counter Insurgent

Comment by Counter Insurgent, 5th December 2011

Does this Meccano set have to be assembled?