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Automoblox Minis

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At first glance, it's hard to know whether Automoblox Minis belong on the playroom floor or in a glass cabinet! This was very much the intention of the designers, as they set out to create an "heirloom toy" that kids would be so fond of, one day they would end up passing them onto their own children!

The range of Automoblox Minis is designed to have a 'future-retro' look. The cars can be taken apart and then re-assembled to create completely new, mixed-up versions! This requires skill, creativity and dexterity - which means that as well as being great fun to play with, Automoblox Minis can easily be considered educational toys too.

You can see why Automoblox has won so many awards for their wooden creations. The uber-sleek styling, terrific craftsmanship and eco-friendly credentials make this is truly modern take on the classic toy car - and the fact is, there simply isn't another product on the market to rival it.

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* * * * * Children and dads will love these

Comment by Alex, 3rd October 2010

When I saw these I had to buy one. "For the grandchild?" I was asked? "No way" says I... "this is for me!"

Beech appears on the FSC list as a ethical resource.

* * * - - Not Eco-Friendly

Comment by Steve, 8th September 2010

Polycarbonate plastic is anything but green! Beechwood is not a renewable resource!