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Bop It!

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Bop It! is the nations favorite reaction testing game - through new developments it's constantly changed to make it better and more challenging than ever before. Bop It! features different commands, which sees people of all ages ‘body popping’ and 'shouting' their way to a top level score.

Bop It! is the electronic game that challenges players response time as they bop, twist, pull and ‘shout’ or bop to different parts of the body. Whether you scream, shout or laugh, as long as you are loud, the electronic announcer will move you forward.

Bop It! can be played individually to achieve a personal best or in party mode for multi-player fun and games. In ‘party’ mode, Bop It! adds an extra dimension to the game, commanding you to bop it! onto body parts. Players have to reach for their foot, hip, knee, arm and stomach as well as pass in time to achieve the highest score.

Bop It! is deceptively simple to pick up, yet becomes infuriatingly difficult to master as you progress. It is highly addictive and very robustly made.

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Comment by Ed, 25th June 2009

Absolutely addictive and compulsive - one of the most infuriating games ever, but even a short break from it makes you want to try it again!