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Barney & Friends

Scheduled to make a welcome return to the children’s TV screens in 2017 is Barney & Friends. Following an announcement by Mattel, HIT Entertainment and 9 Story, the lovable purple dinosaur is the star of a new series of kids entertainment shows. Barney’s promotion of life skills and teaching friendship through music and learning will still be at the core of the series.

With Mattel on board as the master toy licensee, we’re sure to see plenty of new Barney playsets, soft toys and interactive products from one of the world’s most innovative toy makers. Baby Bop, the friendly green Triceratops, is slated to join Barney as they seek out new adventures and friends, so he too will feature heavily in Mattel’s toy ranges.

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Kids should also watch out for B.J. and Riff who both featured in the previous run of 250 shows that finished in 2009. Advances in digital filming techniques means that new features and content can be added to the new shows. The CEO of 9 Story, Vince Commisso said, “We know it is a rare opportunity that brings with it great responsibility, but we’re excited about the advances in technology that will help us bring these characters forward”.

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