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Cambridge Brainbox Toys

Cambridge BrainBox was created in 2004 with a selection of challenging and absorbing electronic sets for children aged from 8 to 14 years old. All of the sets are suitable for learning alongside the various stages of the Science National Curriculum, and contain comprehensive instruction leaflets that are also complete with notes for parents and teachers.

Parts are assembled using press studs onto a baseboard, with an emphasis upon learning the makeup of various electrical circuits, and their functions. Some Cambridge BrainBox toy electronic sets can even be used to assemble a car or boat, whilst others will build light sensors or door and window alarms.

By following the instructions, children will have a great learning experience whilst having a lot of fun and satisfaction building a working Cambridge BrainBox toy electronic set.  The company also offers a range of metal construction sets that complements the electrical series. They’re similar to the popular Meccano sets and children can learn how to build models of a tank, road roller, walking robot or even a solar racer!

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