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Corgi Toys and Models

Corgi Toys, Corgi Classics and Corgi Buses are just a few of the many die-cast model ranges that are produced by this historic British company. Taking their name from the Corgi dog breed, the original Corgi toys company employed 6000 people in their South Wales factory until closure in 1983. Many owners later, (the latest being Hornby) they are still arguably the market leaders in scale model making.

The collectors market is probably the most interesting aspect of Corgiís business, and older models in good condition can realise thousands of pounds at specialist auctions. In recent years, the limited edition production runs have nearly all been bought by Corgi collectors who carefully store them hoping for big future returns.

Corgi toys have been loved and played with by millions of children worldwide, and their subject matters of emergency, construction and everyday vehicles have ensured their continued success. Every little boy loves playing with diggers, fire engines and police cars! As with most British manufacturing companies, the models are now largely made in China, but the quality and finish are second to none.

Further expansion of their licensed business saw Corgi take advantage of the incredibly popular Moshi Monsters brand. The initial launch of popular die-cast pin badges included six of the best known characters - Diavlo, Katsuma, Furi, Poppet, Luvli, and Zommer. Corgi also released a series of Moshi die-cast vehicles which were an instant sell out success.

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