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Corolle Dolls

First created in the early 1980s, Corolle provide the best quality dolls, fashions and accessories, all designed in France. They all have the perfect expressions, proportions, touch and scent for little children to love and cherish.

Suitable for newborn babies right up to children of 4 years and over, each doll has a delicate scent of vanilla that soon becomes one of the familiar, loving and lasting touches of the doll. All little girls can find the doll of their dreams within Corolle’s wonderful collections.

The Corolle range includes Babi Corolle, featuring beautifully soft ragdolls suitable from birth plus. The Mon Premier range features soft and first small baby dolls for the littlest of mummies. For ages 2 years and over is the Mon Classique collection that include the unique interactive dolls. Showcase fashionable collectable dolls, for 3 years and over include the beautiful Mademoiselle Corolle and Les Cheries ranges.

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All the dolls are designed with great affection as well as plenty of care and love. Corolle know that a doll is more than a toy. They believe that it’s a precious part of all girls’ childhoods.

Angelic realistic features, such as glossed lips & blinking eyes set Corolle in a unique league of its own; voluminous glossy hair & stylish fashions ensure every doll will be treasured for years to come.

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