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Corolle Mon Premier Bath Baby Doll

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Designed in France, Corolle produces the finest quality dolls that have flawless appearances, dimensions, texture and aroma for little ones to cherish and love. The Mon Premier Corolle Collection is suitable for girls aged 18 months and over, and features soft bean filled dolls that are ready to be looked after and played with.

Bath Girl from the Mon Premier Collection is a perfect first doll for the littlest of mummies. Bath girl is the prettiest of dolls sculpted on the likeness of real babies with open and close eyes, rosy cheeks, and glossed lips. Her beanbag style soft body is perfect for cuddling, and in addition she can be positioned like a real baby for imaginative pretend play.

Corolle Doll

Bath Girls’ soft body is so light it floats. This makes her perfect for bath time fun or to take on holiday. She comes equipped with a bright summer time outfit, pacifier and rubber duck for added fun. When bath time is over her body dries quickly so play can start all over again, making her the perfect companion to be taken everywhere!

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