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Digimon Fusion Toys

In the sixth incarnation of the incredibly popular animated children’s TV series, Digimon Fusion follows the story of Mikey Kudou whose special powers enable him to try and help save the Digital World. With the evil Lord Bagra as the arch enemy, Mikey, Shoutmon and his other Digimon friends engage in endless battles to achieve their aims.

Bandai hold the master licence for Digimon Fusion toys with an impressive line of Digi-Fusion figures that cleverly ‘fuse together’ using an adaptable ball and socket connector system. Kids can create several different characters from the show or even build their own custom figures.

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In the series, kids are captivated by Mikey’s remarkable Fusion Loader and Bandai have created a similar hero toy that uses a system of touch technology cards to activate messages and sounds. This powerful TV show has also spawned many other Digimon Fusion endorsed products such as duvet covers, t-shirts and mugs.

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