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Dowman Soft Touch Toys

Originally known as just Dowman Imports, the company became known as Dowman Soft Touch in 2010. As manufacturers of one of Europe’s largest selections of soft toys featuring wildlife animals, birds, reptiles and fish, Dowman Soft Touch toys are not only realistic replicas but gorgeous to touch, feel and hug.

Whilst plenty of soft toy suppliers make cats, dogs, hamsters and rabbits, Dowman soft toys reach right out into the wild and feature some really unusual and interesting creatures. If you want to own a plush aardvark, armadillo, capuchin monkey, black goat, meerkat, lemur or dozens of other wildlife characters, then Dowman are sure to make them.

If flying things are more your craze, check out a Dowman soft toy bat, seagull, cockatoo, grey owl, peacock or swan - stegosaurus or triceratops will fulfil your passion for cuddly dinosaurs. Often available in different sizes to cater for all budgets, Dowman Soft Touch can also create bespoke designs for companies wanting to produce gifts for clients or for mementoes of special events.

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