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Go Jetters

Initially launched on the CBeebies website, Go Jetters is a children's animation series from BBC Worldwide that hits terrestrial TV in Autumn 2015.

The series follows the adventures of Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz, four explorers who travel the world unraveling the plans of their nemesis, Grandmaster Glitch. Disco-loving Ubercorn is there to mentor them on their journeys.

The simple animation style, colourful characters and annoyingly catchy theme tune ensures kids up the age of around 6 will fall in love with the series and want to collect toys of all their favourite characters.

Fisher-Price was announced as the  global master toy partner in July 2015. They were tasked with producing a wide selection of preschool toys inspired by the show, including figurines and vehicles, playsets and plush.

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