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Innovation First Toys

Founded in Texas, USA, in 1996, Innovation First has a well proven record of innovation in the design of many different commercial robotic products - and the Hexbug was a natural extension to this proven pedigree.

First out of the blocks from Innovation First were Hexbug Original, Ant, Crab and Inchworm, closely followed by Spider, Scarab and all sorts of other mechanised creepy crawlies. The Nano bugs followed which featured their own connecting play environments.

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These micro robotic creatures were soon in big demand, and with customary advanced design thinking, Innovation First then added to the ranges with giant XL models that came complete with their own radio controlled hand units.

Hexbug Warriors followed and also sparked kidís imaginations with their futuristic designs leading to the Transformers-licenced Warrior and Nano ranges. There seems to be no pause in the inventions coming from the company, with Nano V2, the gravity defying bug and its many tube themed habitats, Tamagoto, the motorised vehicles and road sets, Aquabots motorised fish with smart fish technology.

2014 saw the introduction of Strandbeast along with Tony Hawk Circuit Boards, a range of finger and motorised skateboards and ramps and VEX Robotics by Hexbug, offering kids a
chance to build and operate their own jumbo Hexbug using clip together tooless components, all filling retailer's shelves to overflowing.

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