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MB Games

As the world’s premier games brand, there can hardly be anyone who hasn’t played an MB game at sometime during their life. Now a brand owned by Hasbro, MB Games have been responsible for the introduction of some of the most innovative games in the last 20 years.

Their great play value and design, means that almost all of the original games are still on the market today. Originally set up in the USA in 1860, Milton Bradley (MB) games have gradually expanded and swallowed up smaller competitors along the way.

There are far too many products in the MB Games portfolio to mention here, but some of the all time favourites have to be Operation, Yahtzee, Ker Plunk, Downfall and Pay Day - many of which are available in sizes suitable for travelling. Twister is probably the ultimate party game with many versions available for children and adults alike. The mixture of arms and legs in crazy positions is a great source of humour for onlookers as well as the participants!

Electronics play a big part in everyday lives, and MB Games have embraced the modern technology by incorporating it into some of their products. The award winning Bop It is a great example of mixing lights, sound and action into a compelling game that users find hard to put down.

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