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Monsuno Toys

Building on the popularity of everything anime, Jakks Pacific has created a 52 episode kids TV series called Monsuno. Described as an impressive action adventure for boys aged 6 to 11 years old, the story line follows a bunch of kids who have received the power of “re-awakened Monster DNA” to battle with destructive creatures in a fast moving and animated mythological world.

The Monsuno toys are distributed in Europe by the Giochi Preziosi Group of which Flair is the UK arm. Toys include a series of transforming action figures, collectable figurines, role play sets (including costumes) and a range of Monsuno electronic toy gadgets. The show's monster battling creatures are authentically recreated in the Metal Die Cast Core selection, whilst the Monsuno Strike Launcher is on the top of every little boy's wish list. Meanwhile, Topps created a card game that even eclipses the fantastic success of the Pokemon and Digimon anime series at the end of the 20th century.

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Jakks toys are always incredibly detailed as well as true to life replicas of the series - and the Monsuno toys they've produced live up to this high reputation. Full of working features, kids just love this high quality range.

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