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Paradiso Toys

Premier outdoor toy supplier Plum Products agreed with the Belgium based company Paradiso to distribute some of their exciting toys and children's furniture through their UK retailer network. Featuring a huge range of injection moulded toys such as sandpits, paddling pools, rockers and playhouses, the excellent quality of the items has earned them a well-deserved excellent reputation all over Europe.

Kid’s furniture such as outdoor picnic tables and chairs are sold alongside some fantastic slides shaped like dinosaurs or even elephants. There’s even a double ‘side by side’ slide for even more fun! The sandpits are all moulded in bright colours such as a yellow sunflower shape version or a bright green turtle shape complete with a lid.

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Paradiso indoor carpet mats printed with images of roads and buildings are sold in a variety of sizes to suit most rooms. Kids have great fun at role play time pretending to drive their cars through streets and stopping at make-believe traffic lights or road junctions. Rockers come in more animal themes such as a chicken, crocodile or caterpillar.

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