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Polly Pocket Toys

As one of the last decade’s most popular girls toys, Polly Pocket started life in 1989 as a 1-inch tall doll that fitted in a pocket sized case and had series of accessories and toys to match. Polly Pocket toys are now bigger and softer - and have numerous fashion extras. The original design by Bluebird Toys was incredibly popular, but after 10 years of production, American giant Mattel purchased the licence, expanded the offering, and the new, slightly larger size Polly Pocket dolls were born.

Now a huge brand with many licences issued for other fashion items, Polly Pocket toys and dolls are more popular than ever. Polly has so many friends to play with, and some great sets for swapping legs, bodies, clothes and hairstyles, as well as some terrific play sets and vehicles. The Polly Pocket website is incredibly popular, and girls can browse all the latest items to buy, as well as explore behind the scenes at things going on in the Polly Pocket toys world.

There have been over 350 different Polly Pocket dolls made, and as with all toys, there is an active collectors market, with some of the earliest examples fetching several times the original purchase price.

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