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Quercetti Toys

Quercetti toys have been enjoyed by countless generations of children since the 1950s. This Italian-based company is highly original in its innovative approach to product design - and many Quercetti toys have been the first in their field (such as their remote controlled pony that enthralled children who had never seen anything like it before).

Apart from the terrific Quercetti marble runs, probably the most famous Quercetti toys are the Tor family of rockets. These lightweight missiles are fired into the sky by huge elastic catapults, and on reaching the top of their trajectory an ingenious mechanism springs open to release a parachute to bring the rocket safely down to earth. These rockets are great fun for boys and girls who also get a lot of exercise chasing across fields to recover the Quercetti toy rocket for a relaunch!

Developments since 2000 have included the amazing Quercetti marble runway that takes an old idea and transforms it into something breathtakingly different. It is almost a work of art! Quercetti toys cover so many more ranges to stimulate kids of all ages from peg design sets, terrific gears sets that have to be assembled first, drawing sets, building blocks, magnetic numbers and letters as well as stencils and junior train sets.

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