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Real Steel Toys

Released on 7th October 2011, Real Steel is a fighting film with a technological twist – boxing robots! Produced by the world famous DreamWorks Studios, Jeff Small, president and COO of DreamWorks Studios said, "When it comes to licensing opportunities, Real Steel is a triple threat, combining an exciting story, compelling characters - both human and robot - and nonstop action."

With that statement in mind itís no wonder that toy maker Jakks Pacific was signed to make a range of Real Steel toys that replicate the exciting robot boxing scenes from the film. Their toy range includes action figures, playsets, role play items like dressing up outfits and accessories, electronic games, puzzles and novelty gifts.

Real Steel Action Figures

This futuristic film features boxing robots that weigh over 2000 lbs each, and whilst the Real Steel toys are much lighter than this, kids are lucky to have some awesome models that capture all the excitement and drama from the movie.

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